About Us

Our story

Make Me Garden is a Green Start-Up of Hyderabad which majorly deals with Experiential Gardening and making Gardening activity a part of lifestyle through its unique products and services . The Team believes in addressing the environmental issues with the fusion of modern trends to make it acceptable and meaningful to the people of today.

Why Experiential Gardening?

Gardening may not go down well with everyone due to time constraints as it’s a maintenance procedure but Experiential Gardening is a part of your day to day routine where you develop a child like affection with your garden that makes you bound to look after your ‘Experiential Garden’.

What makes us different?

Most of our Business Companions do not give the customers an opportunity to grow their crop from the start and usually deliver a well-grown sampling to the client which makes them miss the essence of the real time experience of observing the shoots break through the top layer of the soil.
‘Experiential Gardening’ is an emotional journey much similar to the process of conceiving a child by a mother – The 9 Months of Shaping a Beautiful Creature is much Synonymous to the 9 Days of Thriving a Sapling.

Process of Experiential Gardening

Choose a Garden Package that matches your requirements or request for Customization.
We handpick the best for you from seeds to the soft tools and send it all the way to your home!
Gardening experts with high expertise and professionalism are sent to your place to guide the customer to set up the garden and educate the customer about gardening practice and discipline.
The customer is the ultimate gardener and has to nurture his seed into a outcome and we’re the backbone for your experiential journey!

Our Mission

To enrich human life with the green touch and promoting green habits for a sustainable and happy living amidst a hectic and stressful urban life.

Our Vision

To inspire and motivate every being on the planet to master the art of gardening and translating the green hobby into a deep-rooted passion.

Our ABC Rule

  • A – Ambience
  • B – Betterment
  • C – Competence

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