Rainbow DIY Kit



  • LDPE Grow Bags: 10 Bags (1 ft × 1 ft)
  • Potting Mixture: 80 kg
  • Neem Oil: 250 ml
  • Gardening Gloves: 1 Pair
  • Hand Spray: 1 Unit
  • Seeds: 8 Rainbow Varieties – 5 gm PLUS 1 Complimentary Seed Pack (Any Variety)

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Who doesn’t Fancy over Rainbows? So do all the Gardeners but We Don’t Look High at the Sky but Look Down into our Gardening Space which has the Beautiful Harvest of the Rainbow in our Gardens and also by End of the Month in our Plates!

“Eating a RAINBOW”

How does the Rainbow DIY Kit help you Accomplish your Nutritional Requirements along with providing you a Great ‘Experiential Gardening’ Experience?

Here’s How?

Red (Tomatoes) are good for your heart and blood health and they support joint function.

Orange (Carrot/Pumpkin) helps prevent cancer and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Yellow (Cucumber) is good for your Skin, Heart and eyes and improves digestion and your immune system.

Green (Fenugreek/Spinach/Okra) are good for your bones, as well as detoxing the body and strengthening your immune system.

Blue/ Purple (Brinjal) helps with mineral absorption, and can improve your memory and brain function.

White (Radish) supports immunity and the circulatory system, and can reduce the risk of cancer.

You’re not Just Boosting your Gardening Skills with the Rainbow DIY Kit but You’re also Boosting Your Immunity hand in hand!

Additional information

Add Installation Service (Hyderabad Only)

Only Rainbow DIY Kit (Total: Rs.3800), Rainbow DIY Kit + Installation (Total: Rs.5200)