Our Team

Anitha Gali

MD (Non-Executive)

Philanthropist by Heart and a Pure Visionary in Thought and Actions! MMG’s Guiding principles always have her Guidance and Support. Being simple yet elegant has been her Mantra for Life which also has high relevance to Gardening Philosophy.

Roshini Korrapati

Investing Director

Well, we’ve an Investor aboard as cool as the sharks – Barbara Corcoran and Lori Greiner but What makes her Most Smart is her Investment in MMG which the latter haven’t made yet! Brilliant na? But what also sets her apart is her active ideation and participation with the Board and her invaluable support and warmth that eases the organization in making right moves at the right time.

Rohith Gali

CEO (Executive)

Loves and Appreciates the Vibe of Gardening in its Deepest Sense. An Innovator and Marketplace Enthusiast by Choice, currently working on the Vision of Making ‘Experiential Gardening’ the Most Accessible and Economical Hobby in India!

Suraj Rayaprolu


‘Spectator’s Pay and Players Get paid!’ – If you still didn’t get this you’ll never know why ‘MMG is 10X’ than other players in the Marketplace. Our CMO is Aggressive, Practical and Brutally Convincing with his Sales Pitch and highly recommended for his After Sales Service. Experience: Has already sold Ice to the Eskimos, Anything else to be sold? Call Him!

B. Sai Sandeep Kumar Reddy


Customers Love Discounts, Customers Love Differentiation Pricing, Customers Love Quality over Quantity, Customers Love Glitch Free Delivery, Customer Love Value and customers love what not?, but if these all conditions make MMG the Most Loved Brand then One Person who deserves for making this Brand Loveable is Our Dear COO. He has ensured to make all the technical ends meet, just to see the happy curve on our Customer(s) Faces. Doesn’t like Selfie(s), Try Asking Autographs!

SV Sai Krishna


If Business was a Golf Course and the Ultimate aim of a Game is to Ace the Ball, then our BDE is the Golf Tee who provides us the Leverage to take the easier shot among the odds. It’s really rare to find a BDE who takes stand like a Golf Tee and MMG is Glad to have found the perfect one! Our BDE is one of those few reliable partners who has taken the least work leaves. Sorry you can’t find him on Tinder, Because He’s Reliable!

K. Ridhima Reddy

Marketing Executive

Bumble Bee by Nature, Sting is Hard but her Willpower to Fly is much Harder and Stronger! Putting forward Rationales and Right Arguments have kept her in the Position she is and her ability to flow in the Tune of Creativity makes her Ms. Ingenious. On Field Work/ Off Field Work you can find her learning something always.

Uma Shivani

Operations Executive

Meister Task would be a Great name for this Position and the Person as MMG is full of Tasks and everyday throws a challenge that might not be something that was mitigated yesterday. There are exhausting tasks that could make us deviate from the line but yeah here comes the play of our operations executive who ensures we achieve the daily tasks, accomplish monthly goals and keep the organization at equilibrium. Well Even the Master of Circus has to Bow Down!

B. Sai Prakash

Sales Executive

A Diehard of Gardening and the Enthusiastic Spirit of MMG, Have you ever made a Sales Pitch to an Indian Relative who came home for Lunch? Half wouldn’t even think off but he managed to Get Conversions too! It’s the Zeal that runs down his veins and nothing else. (The Above experiment was performed under professional supervision don’t try at your homes).


Content Creator and Blogger

Well the Greatness of Writing is its ability to Express a Thousand Emotions in a Single Line or a Phrase and the actual icing on the cake is when the readers/ viewers get to relish the content in its truest sense. So our Blogger has read a lot of boring gardening books, journals and articles just to write and present you gardening content in a form which you all will admire and adore. Busy to give you Autographs, Mail her sometime!